Thursday, May 20, 2010


It has been quite a while since I have updated this, but never fear, here is the update. I was in Utah for the first two weeks of May. It was sad to leave Clint, but it was so nice to see everyone, and I had some fun times. My mom, Ellen, Grace, and myself went shopping in Park City for the day, then watched Biggest Loser. We also went to Gardner Village one evening, ate at Archibalds, and definitely visited Sweet Aftons fude and candy shop. We did some fun crafts from Wood Connection while I was there. Clint and my sister was in the Ms. Bluffdale pageant, and she won 2nd attendant. Yay for her! My dad, mom, Dean, Janine, and Meagan, and I went four wheeling. Which was a great time! We had a nice little lunch on the mountain. I did so much hair while I was in Utah, it was great to see everyone. And I changed my hair to brown! I got to hangout with Kerstin and her family a couple of times, which was great. And I went to lunch with Jessie, Michelle, and Stephanie. It was a fun 2 weeks. But it was also so nice to come home to my wonderful husband!
I came home friday night, and on the way home from the airport we had dinner at tgif's. Yummy! Then on Saturday we got up and went shooting at a range on base. It was way fun! We had a little competition with each other, and both shot really well. It has been a great month so far. I am very hapy to be home, and able to hangout with m husband all day everyday. Too bad he has to start going to work like a normal person on monday. I'm so spoiled. :)