Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Counting Down

In a week from now I will be heading home to California to get ready for Clint to come home on the 6th. YAY!! It has been so long, I don't know what 8 months will be like if this was unbearable. Clint has been out in the field kickin' butt, and being awesome. I went to Park City for a couple of days with some family. Slowly but surely the time is widdling down, not fast enough though. Anyways, that's the update. The next one will be super happy 'cause he will be home!

Friday, July 16, 2010


This post doesn't have any fun pictures, just an update. Clint is doing his pre-deployment training at the 29 Palms base in California, so I am in Utah for a couple of weeks. He says it is super hot there, over 110. I feel bad for him because they have to wear their cammi's and all of their gear, that weighs a lot. Nothing to exciting going on in Utah. I can't sleep through the night, I wake up every hour or so. So I have started staying awake until I can't keep my eyes open anymore to see if that would help me sleep. Nope. I still wake up all night. But I guess this is just preparing me for Afghanistan. Anyways, not a whole lot going on here.