Thursday, May 23, 2013


It never fails. I make a pledge to do better at blogging..and fail every time. Well this is my 50th pledge. I will do better!! I feel like there is never anything new with me and Clint..just with Soph. She is so fun and smart. Every time I get her out of her crib she lays her head on my shoulder and gives me a hug. She loves to whisper and point, especially when she first wakes up. Just telling us that everything is where it should be. She took a couple steps tonight..that was very exciting! Whenever we go to a store people will ooh and aah and make googly faces at her. She eats it up..She will smile and wave and point, and smile some more. She loves riding in the back of the cart so she can play with all the stuff. We have a lot of fun trips planned for this summer..and I am so excited to have her with us!