Monday, June 3, 2013

Rough Week

   This week was a rough one for me..more so than I have had for a very long time. Sophie has started coming into her own..she is forming her own opinions, and making little choices. It is wonderful to see her becoming her own person! Wonderful and frustrating for me at times. Not because of anything she does, but because of myself in my own head. She used to eat she only wants to eat yogurt, fruit, and very few other foods. Everyday last week I would make her a different lunch to see if there was something else she would eat. She would maybe eat 3 bites and be done. Then she would whine because she was hungry. I was getting so frustrated..why doesn't she want to eat? What am I doing wrong? How can I make it better?
~Solution..She is her own person, she can choose what food she does and does not like. We have those opinions, why wouldn't she? I wouldn't make dinners Clint hated, the same should go for my sweet, beautiful daughter.

   Next breakdown of the week..10 years ago my estranged best friend took his life..he was 15. Not a single week has gone by in the past 10 years that I haven't thought of him, and silently mourned for him. There has never been any closure for me, for many reasons. I guess with all the emotions, and inadequacy I had been feeling all week, it made my lack of closure more prevalent. I have never been able to take him flowers, or do anything to remember him in anyway. I hope he knows I think about him, that he meant something to those he left behind.
~Solution..I have decided to have "Bryce" flowers in my home on either his birthday or the day he passed away. (Still haven't decided which.)

   Last breakdown of the week..we were at a family party on Sunday, and Sophie got hurt. She didn't want me to comfort her or hold her. She just wanted her daddy. Quite honestly I felt ticked. I take care of her everyday. I feed her, I change her diaper, I teach her things, I take her to do fun things, I am there for every good mood or crappy mood she goes through. So why the heck when she wants comfort she goes to her dad!
~Solution..She doesn't get to see her dad as much as she sees me. She LOVES her daddy, and she should..he is incredible. It wasn't a personal attack, she just wanted the big strong arms and kisses of her daddy.

   What a dumb week. I was so emotional over so many things I couldn't control. But that happens, and I feel like its pretty normal. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful husband who listens to me, gives me compassion, and talks sense into me when I need it. I felt so much lighter this morning. I am grateful to have such a beautiful life.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


It never fails. I make a pledge to do better at blogging..and fail every time. Well this is my 50th pledge. I will do better!! I feel like there is never anything new with me and Clint..just with Soph. She is so fun and smart. Every time I get her out of her crib she lays her head on my shoulder and gives me a hug. She loves to whisper and point, especially when she first wakes up. Just telling us that everything is where it should be. She took a couple steps tonight..that was very exciting! Whenever we go to a store people will ooh and aah and make googly faces at her. She eats it up..She will smile and wave and point, and smile some more. She loves riding in the back of the cart so she can play with all the stuff. We have a lot of fun trips planned for this summer..and I am so excited to have her with us!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

9 Months Old!

Wow..9 months have flown by. I can't believe my little peanut is 9 months old! I can't believe how much I love that little person. No one could have ever prepared me or explained to me that kind of love. Sophie is so much fun. She is so happy and active. She is very easy going. She is just a peanut in the 9th percentile. Here are some fun things about our little squirt at 9 months old..

~loves standing up on anything sturdy enough
~walks all over the place with her walker
~scrunches her nose when she smiles or pulls faces at you
~professional stair climber
~always chattering
~starting to throw things
~always saying 'mama'
~loves banging on things to make noise
~major food lover
There are so many more wonderful things about my sweet baby daughter..but that would take all night to write and read.

My husband is the most wonderful daddy I could have ever wished for, and husband for that matter. That wonderful man works harder than anyone I know. He is always doing projects for me (trust me, there are many), and he never complains. He changes diapers, gets up with Soph so I can sleep in some days, makes bottles and meals for her, plays with Sophie as long as she wants to. I feel so blessed to have such a perfect family. Perfect might be a strong word, we have those days where we all need a nap, or we're cranky (mostly me), or we're worn out and lazy..but for me, I have the absolute perfect family. I couldn't have prayed for more. Yeah, yeah I'm getting mushy, I guess it's time to wrap it up. Love my beautiful daughter and sexy husband with all that I am!!