Sunday, April 7, 2013

9 Months Old!

Wow..9 months have flown by. I can't believe my little peanut is 9 months old! I can't believe how much I love that little person. No one could have ever prepared me or explained to me that kind of love. Sophie is so much fun. She is so happy and active. She is very easy going. She is just a peanut in the 9th percentile. Here are some fun things about our little squirt at 9 months old..

~loves standing up on anything sturdy enough
~walks all over the place with her walker
~scrunches her nose when she smiles or pulls faces at you
~professional stair climber
~always chattering
~starting to throw things
~always saying 'mama'
~loves banging on things to make noise
~major food lover
There are so many more wonderful things about my sweet baby daughter..but that would take all night to write and read.

My husband is the most wonderful daddy I could have ever wished for, and husband for that matter. That wonderful man works harder than anyone I know. He is always doing projects for me (trust me, there are many), and he never complains. He changes diapers, gets up with Soph so I can sleep in some days, makes bottles and meals for her, plays with Sophie as long as she wants to. I feel so blessed to have such a perfect family. Perfect might be a strong word, we have those days where we all need a nap, or we're cranky (mostly me), or we're worn out and lazy..but for me, I have the absolute perfect family. I couldn't have prayed for more. Yeah, yeah I'm getting mushy, I guess it's time to wrap it up. Love my beautiful daughter and sexy husband with all that I am!!

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