Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend Clint had Saturday through Tuesday off, which was so nice! On Saturday we drove down to Oceanside to look at some clothing shops and to go to the Del Mar beach on base. It was a blast. We got a pizza and went to the beach to soak up the sun. The waves were big and the sun was out so that was nice. But the water was still freezing cold! I was being a pansy and only going in to my ankles, but Clint wanted to play in the water so he went out into the waves. After a couple minutes I felt bad that I was being lame, so I just charged out there and took the cold. After a couple minutes my legs went numb so it was ok. It was so much fun playing in the waves, I got thrown around quite a bit, which Clint thought was way funny. Anything I can do to entertain. Then on Monday we hiked up to a memorial cross on Camp Pendleton at Camp Horno. After the first big wave in Iraq in 2003 some Vet's carried the cross up there to memorialize their friends. It is a very steep hike, but very worth it. Marines go up there to take rocks, alcohol, and other things to pay tribute. Clint carried a HUGE rock up there, on which he wrote the Machine Gunner's Prayer. After we made it down, we went to Carrows for breakfast. Yum! We spent the weekend just hanging out and watching movies. It was so great to spend all that time together. I love him more each day!