Friday, August 27, 2010

Hanging out

This week Clint invited his buddy, Corey, over for dinner. We had Clint's favorite meal, hobo dinner, jello salad, rolls, brownies, and ice cream. After dinner, the boys couldn't decide what movie to watch, so they started Princess Bride, after a little bit they were bored of the movie, so they fired up the WII, and oh yes they started boxing each other. It was so funny to watch! But they had a lot of fun. Then last night Clint hurt his neck/back, but we don't know what he did. So he decided that he wanted to sleep on the floor, so we set up a sleepover in our living room. It was actually really fun, we watched Sands of Iwo Jima, and had a good night on the living room floor. It was fun! Saturday, we are going to the San Diego Temple for our August temple visit. It's so pretty there, so we are pretty excited to go.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So Clint and I like to do special things every now and again. On saturday we decided to have a romantic dinner night. It was great. I made chocolate covered strawberries for dessert, and we had pizza for dinner. We set up a little table in our living room, with candles in some candlesticks we got for our wedding. We decided to get dressed up, so I got in Clint's favorite dress of mine, and I thought he was getting in his church clothes because he had me pick out a tie for him, but he came out in one of his uniforms. It totally took my breath away. He looked so stinkin good!! It was a wonderful night, and turned out just like we planned. Then last night we went and got a couples massage together. It was great! Neither of us had ever had a massage before, so it was especially nice to get one together. It was relaxing and definitely romantic. It was so fun and I would recommend it to everyone! Anyways it is so fun to do things like that with Clint, he makes everything twice as special.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Clint is home!

Yay Clint is home from 29 Palms. It is so nice to have him back. I got to pick him up from base on August 6th, it was great. His younger brother Joey drove back with me to stay until the 10th of August. On Saturday we all went to the shooting range on base. Clint got the tightest group he has ever gotten with his Vaquero, and with some great instruction from Clint Joey key holed 3 shots. I was so proud haha. On Sunday we went over to Shane's fiance, Kelsea's, house for dinner, good as always. Monday we all went down to a beach in Oceanside and played in the water, Joey and Kelsea went surfing, but Clint and I just played around. It was a nice clear day for swimming. Joey flew home on Tuesday, so it has been Clint and I since then. Clint has gotten off work at like 10 o'clock all week so we have been able to play all day. Yesterday we spent half the day in bed, eating snacks and watching all three of the Indiana Jones movies, it was awesome. The weather in San Clemente is absolutely beautiful. It was so hot in Utah, I was worried it would be more hot here, bu when we got here it was sunny, and breezy and perfect. I guess that's one of the perc's to living by he ocean, always nice weather. Also, I was going to keep my all brown hair for a while to keep it healthy, but I decided that just isn't who I am so I added some blonde in it today, and yes in the picture I am wearing an apron. Our ward is having a BBQ down on the beach tonight, so I made some pink lemonade cupcakes, I hope they turn out well. That's all for now. Just loving life with my wonderful husband being home!!