Monday, October 11, 2010

Half Birthday

So last week was interesting. I got surgery on my left wrist to remove a ganglion cyst. Everything went well, and we figured we would just take it easy for the day. Well I don't know what was up with the anesthesia but it did not agree with my system. I was violently ill all day. Then Clint gave me a blessing and I was able to sleep through the night, and felt a little better the next day. My hand was so fat for like 4 days. Then on October 6th Clint came home with the most beautiful flowers for me for my half birthday. They were so beautiful! Since I still wasn't feeling well we made my half birthday date for Friday. We went out to dinner at the Lonestar Steakhouse and saw the movie Life As We Know It. It was such a great movie! We had such a fun time together, like we always do. Hanging out with my husband is the best thing in the world. He is such a wonderful man. We packed up a lot of our home today, it was really sad. I hope these 7 months go by faster than I think they will. Anyways, we had a great week last week, and plan to make this one great too.


  1. I love all the posts! Seriously, I miss you. 7 months will go faster than you think...promise.

  2. ok my cyst buddie you got one on the other wrist too!!!! well guess what i do to!!! and have thought about getting it taken out too... well now you have scars on both wrists!!! isnt that just to funny we both got them on both of our wrists!!!! well sounds like clint is taking good care of you which is good :) lets hope the 7 months go by really fast!