Thursday, December 27, 2012

Spending Time

Instead of trying to catch up on the past 3 months, I am just going to start fresh now. We are so in love with our little peanut! Sophie is just the best present we could have ever asked for. I feel so blessed to be her mom. She is the easiest going, most happy baby ever. She loves it when her dad gets home from work. She will sit on his lap and watch what he is doing as long as we will let her. I feel so blessed to be able to stay at home with my baby. I have so much fun hanging out with her all day. And Clint is the best dad in the whole world. He is always kissing ad hugging her, not to mention holding her upside down by one leg and throwing her in the air. She absolutely loves him :). She loves rolling over and being able to move around a little bit more. Recently, we went in to check on her before we went to bed, and found her with her little bum in the cute! Every morning since then, whenever I go to get her up she is on her belly with her bum in the air. :)

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