Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter/Birthday Weekend

This was such a great week! My parents came out to spend Easter weekend, and my birthday with us. Clint had Friday and Monday off, and pretty much the rest of the week this week, so that has been fun. My parents got here on Saturday, while the men went to the priesthood session, my mom and I made a cute spring craft, way fun! Then Easter/conference morning we had sausage egg casserole for breakfast and got our Easter baskets. It was so much fun to put together my first Easter. We did our Easter baskets, colored eggs, and had a good Easter dinner and yummy dirt cake for my birthday. Then on Monday we went shopping and lazed about. In the evening we celebrated my birthday, so fun! The next morning, (my actual birthday) the four of us played a game of spades, my parents left for home, and Clint left for work. It was so wonderful having my parents here for those three days.
Later that evening Clint took me to dinner at Olive Garden, which was so delicious! Then on Wednesday he took me to see The Bounty Hunter to continue with my birthday week. Today he had the day off work so we went and spent a couple hours at the beach, it was so sunny and warm. Clint fell asleep, and has a very red stomach now. We got a cooler and beach towels from my parents for Easter so we got to use those today. It was such a wonderful Easter and Birthday, and made even better by my loving husband. He is so thoughtful and great, marriage is simply the best!!


  1. I love all the pictures!! I'm glad you had a fun weekend and birthday....and what a nice couch you have!! Happy Birthday Court!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I have to agree with Holly, you do have a nice couch.