Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Apartment

So I finally took pictures of our apartment. It is quaint, but it is our first place together so it will always be wonderful.
Clint has had a couple days off last week, and will have a couple off this week. It has been so nice hanging out with each other everyday. On Saturday we hungout with his brother and his brother's fiance. We had dinner, went to the hot tub, then got frozen yogurt. The best invention is self serve frozen yogurt!
It is so nice to have my husband as my best friend. We love spending time together, and haven't gotten sick of each other yet.


  1. I doubt you guys will ever get sick of each guys are cute together. Love the place!

  2. Hi Court! you guys look like you are doing so good. I am so glad. Your apartment looks so cute. Wish I could see it:)

  3. I am so glad you guys are so happy. And you know your right, there will always be something special about that first apartment. So enjoy it!

  4. court!!! we have the same couch haha that is awesome!! your apartment is so cute!!!