Monday, May 16, 2011


HE'S HOME!!!! Wow, what a feeling! It is such a huge relief to have him home. I worried every single day for 7 months, I never have to do that again I can't believe it! We are so incredibly blessed to have him home safely! The Lord most definitely watched over Clint while he was away, and kept me sane :) Kelsea and I got to the Grinder on Camp Pendleton, where we picked Clint up at, at about 2 o'clock. The boys were scheduled to be released at 4. Shane came over around 3. Then we just had to wait. AS we were waiting the Patriot Guard motorcyclists drove in. They were so cool, and so supportive. What an awesome way to spend their spare time, supporting the troops and their families. The closer 4 got the more anxious everyone became. The buses rolled in close to 4. However, they then had to go to the armory to drop off their weapons. So the waiting continued. They were so close but still too far. Then around 5 o'clock they started walking in. We were looking for Clint and all of a sudden Shane was like "I can see him I can see him." So I started looking frantically..and I saw him. He was walking through the croud of people looking around. As soon as I saw him the tears began to well. I ran into his arms the first chance I got. It was so amazing!!! I am so happy to have him home!! And so grateful that Shane and Kelsea were able to be there to welcome him home. Best day ever! :)


  1. I am so glad that Clint returned home safely. People take for granted what our servicemen and their families do to protect our freedom. Congratulations!

  2. I love those photos of you precious, and I'm so glad you are together now. Love you!

  3. your photos make me seriously tear up!! i know its been a while since he's been home now but i wanted to just say you are one strong woman! love ya girl! glad your man is home safe and how awesome he is to serve our country! luv ya!