Friday, July 22, 2011


Wow it has been too long since I have posted something. Since Clint has been home we have just taken it easy. We have gone to Disneyland a couple times, once with Clay and Jeannette, and once with Shannon and Thomas. Jeannette and I planned a surprise for the boys. We didn't tell them that they were going to get to spend the weekend with eeach other at Disneyland. When they found out they were so was such a fun weekend! We also went home to Utah for leave. It was a blast! Clint's sister Jaimi got married, we went camping with my folks, and had a surprise party for Clint. It is always really sad to leave Utah. But come January we are there for good. Clint and I are having so much fun just hanging out with each other and making up for lost time. :)

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  1. I love happy outcomes! Cheers for being together with the one you love!